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With the help of EnviroShield, disinfecting your entire office  will be effortless. It can eliminate most contagions, protecting your facility from health risks in many ways.

  • It kills 99% of contaminants such as MRSA, H9n1, CRE, C Diff & E.Coli.
  • It destroys bacteria on contact with its EPA approved disinfectant.
  • Bacteria explodes at the molecular level leaving no trace.
  • Lays down a barrier for long lasting protection against microbial regrowth.
  • Stopping regrowth and dissemination up to three months.
  • 100% safe for all occupants. (Category IV by EPA)


It is 100% safe. In fact , It is rated as Category IV by EPA which means it has the safest grade in the category.

It is 100% safe. In fact , It is rated as Category IV by EPA which means it has the safest grade in the category.

You can use the facility as soon as you are ready. EnviroShield is 100% safe and leaves no odor or any kind of residue on surfaces. The EPA Rating of Category IV means there are no health risks of any kind to humans.

It depends on what kind of facility you have and how heavy the daily traffic flow is, but we recommend at least doing it once a week to keep contagious regrowth away.

It works in tandem with the regular EnviroShield. It sets up a microbe killing barrier on the disinfected surface, protecting it from microbial regrowth for up to three months at a time.

At first, YES. but after a while, less treatments will help you save money while providing more lasting protection at the same time.

Yes. But we advise disinfecting at least once a week.

You should let the experts do it for oroper usage. EnviroShield is a patented process that Cypress Commercial Cleaning Company operators were extensively trained on.

Creating cleaner and safer workplace  will significantly decrease absenteeism among your employees which is a major contribution on profit losses. EnviroShield in the long run is really worth the cost not just for your business but also for the health of your employees.



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