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Focus on your patients. Let Cypress Commercial Cleaning Company do the caring and maintenance your office deserves.

Don’t let the harmful bacterias and viruses spread on your medical facility.
With the help of our highly trained cleaning staff, we can do just that. Let us help you maintain the cleanliness of your medical facility with our rigorous and meticulous cleaning procedures designed for healthcare facilities.


Reliable Service

We know the importance of having a clean and sanitary facility. That’s why here at Cypress Commercial Cleaning Company, we always strive to meet our customers standards and requirements. We make sure our team of cleaning professionals is up to the job and will perform at their best to provide you with a reliable and consistent quality service at competitive rates.

If you need our help on a daily or weekly basis, just discuss it with us and we will plan a schedule that works for you the best.

We work on Carpets and Floors

We keep your carpet and floors fresh and germ-free. Our multiple cleaning procedures and proactive carpet and hard floor care program will do the job leaving your patients with a good impression.

Fighting Cross-Contamination

We have a 5-week intensive training program for our cleaning professional in Cypress Commercial Cleaning Company. It includes specialized disinfection procedures designed for treatment rooms, surgical suites, terminal patients and dental office cleaning. Our proprietary MedMetrix® solution provides Cypress Commercial Cleaning Company with the most rigorous training in the medical sector.

We disinfect better than our competitors

Say goodbye to contagions such as MRSA, E.Coli, C-Diff, CRE, Swine Flue and Avian Flu. Our Proven EPA-rated hospital grade disinfectant will get rid of most contagions.

We Know Restrooms

We only use first-rate cleaning agents on areas where people mostly use or touch such as faucets, flush handles, towel dispensers and push plates. Our highly-trained cleaning staff will eliminate all bacterias and target possible breeding grounds so that nothing is left to chance.



Here at Cypress Commercial Cleaning Company. When we say we have high-standards, we mean it!

In fact, our cleaning procedures are MedMetrix® certified. MedMetrix® is a comprehensive cleaning protocol program designed specifically for medical facilities such as surgical centers, dental offices and other medical settings. This system is compliant with the guidelines set by CDC, AORN, OSHA, The Joint Commision and other governing institutions.

The MedMetrix® certification program has six key areas of training:

  • Award Certification
  • Knowledge Testing
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training
  • Exposure Control Planning
  • Universal Precautions Training
  • Documentation and Incident Reporting



Our cleaning professionals are MedMetrix® certified, able to handle even the most challenging health care facilities. They are fully equipped and experienced in reducing infection risks, improving workplace hygiene and air quality, providing our customers with a fully disinfected medical area.

Feel free to call (713) 565-3871 to know more about the Cypress Commercial Cleaning Company cleaning process or book a FREE cleaning consultation.